Radio Free GAK Episode March 17, 2008

radio free gak #10 - "The art in your party, not a twist cap sniffing bore" (2008 Mar 17)

7:31am - 9:01am

A spotlight on Gavin Friday and his former band the Virgin Prunes. Music from the films Breakfast on Pluto, Captive and the Muppets are played too. Happy St. Patrick's Day! And an excellent Easter and other spring-like sentiments to you all!

Playlist follows:

1. The Leprechaun Brothers: Danny Boy (The Muppets)
2. The Ruby Suns: There Are Birds (Sea Lion, 2008) Sub Pop
3. The Inbreds: Dope Fiends and Booze Hounds (Rheostatics Tribute - The Secret Sessions, 2007) Zunior
4. Vancougar: Distance (Obvious 7", 2008) Mint
5. Barzin: Won't You Come (My Life in Rooms, 2006) Weewerk/Monotreme
6. Blockhead: A Better Place (Music by Cavelight, 2004) Ninja Tune
7. Hem: Pacific Street (Eveningland, 2004) Rounder
8. X-Wife: Ping Pong (Side Effects, 2006) NorteSul
9. Santogold: L.E.S. Artistes (I Believe in Santogold, 2008) Downtown/Lizard King
10. Rautakoura: Matkalla Etelaan (Rautakoura, 2006) ?
11. Husky Rescue: Summertime Cowboy (Country Falls, 2004) Catskills
12. The Edge: Rowena's Theme (Captive OST, 1986) Blue Plate Caroline
13. The Virgin Prunes: Sandpaper Lullabye (A New Form of Beauty 1, 1981) Mute
14. The Virgin Prunes: Red Nettle (Over the Rainbow, 1985) Baby
15. Gavin Friday & the Man Seezer: Each Man Kills the Thing He Loves (Each Man Kills the Thing He Loves, 1989) Polygram
16. Gavin Friday: Caruso (Shag Tobacco, 1995) Polygram
17. Gavin Friday & Cillian Murphy: Sand (Breakfast on Pluto OST, 2006) Milan
18. Gavin Friday & the Seezer Ensemble: Beware...For Wolves Come In Many Disguises (Peter and the Wolf, 2003) Bloomsbury
19. Gavin Friday: Singin' in the Rain (Lemon #3, 2007) Lemon
20. Broken Social Scene: Her Disappearing Theme (EP To Be You and Me, 2005) Arts & Crafts