Radio Free GAK Episode March 3, 2008

radio free gak #8 - I want more life, but the donkey was Ray's idea (2008 Mar 03)

7:31am - 9:01am

A tribute to Vangelis and his work on Blade Runner, plus some music from and inspired by the nation of Brazil, some scifi country, vintage punk and dream pop. As always, additional information on this show and any other can be found via


1. Armando Trovaioli: L'arcidiavolo (Beat at Cinecitta - Music from Italian 60s & 70s Cinema Volume 3, 1966) Crippled Dick Hot Wax!
2. Working for a Nuclear Free City: Troubled Son (Working for a Nuclear Free City, 2006) Melodic
3. Ladyfuzz: Monster (Monster, 2005) Transgressive
4. Miguel de Deus: Black Soul Brothers (The Brazilian Beat Mix, 1977) Underground
5. G/9 Group: Vesti Azul (Brazil Now, 2005) Sonorama
6. Brazilian Girls: Jique [MSTRKRFT RMX] (Jique single, 2006) Verve
7. Fila Brazillia: Shellac (Dicks, 2004) 23
8. X-Ray Spex: I am a Poseur (Germ Free Adolescents, 1978) EMI
9. Pocket Fishermen: The Leader is Burning (The Leader is Burning 7", 1989) Noiseville
10. Die! Die! Die!: Britomart Sunset (Promises, Promises, 2008) SAF
11. The Dayglo Abortions: Proud to be Canadian (Feed Us a Fetus, 1986) Fringe Product
12. Dungen: Gor Det Nu (Tio Bitar, 2007) Subliminal
13. Carolyn Mark: Destination: You (Nothing is Free, 2007) Mint
14. Amy Millan: Hardhearted [Ode to Thoreau] (Honey from the Tombs, 2006) Arts & Crafts
15. Bobbie Gentry: Casket Vignette (Local Gentry, 1968) Capitol
16. Beach House: Some Things Last (Devotion, 2008) Carpark
17. Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg: Bonnie & Clyde (Bonnie & Clyde, 1968) Fontana
18. Bjork: Amphibian [Film Mix] (Being John Malkovich OST, 1999) Astralwerks
19. Vangelis: Tears in Rain (Blade Runner OST, 2008) Atlantic
20. Vangelis: Blade Runner [End Titles] (Blade Runner OST, 2008) Atlantic
21. Orbital: Lost (The Blue Album, 2004) Orbital Music Records
22. Vitalic: Trahison (OK Cowboy, 2005) Different/Pias
23. Blonde Redhead: 23 (23, 2007) 4AD