Radio Free GAK Episode February 11, 2008

radio free gak #5 - Thank you for planning on flying Psychic Airlines (2008 Feb 11)

7:31am - 9:02am

Featuring the third and final part of the recent Oscar nominees, including James Newton Howard and Michael Giacchino. Other sonic chicanery ensues. This week's exciting playlist. Hold onto your walkers. More details at and let's go to the phones!

1. Red Astaire: Love to Angie (Nuggets for the Needy, 2007) House of Godis
2. Stereoheroes: Washout (Myspace, 2007) unsigned
3. Portobella: Freakin' in Stereo (White Label, 2004) Eyes Industries
4. Ariane Moffatt: Montreal (Le coeur dans la tete, 2005) Select Distributions
5. Peter Thomas: Bolero on the Moon Rocks (Futuremuzik, 1998) Scamp
6. Pulp: This is Hardcore (This is Hardcore, 1998) Island
7. Black Francis: Threshold Apprehension (Bluefinger, 2007) Cooking Vinyl
8. The Sadies: Yours to Discover (New Seasons, 2007) Yep Roc
9. MC Chris vs. Baddd Spellah: Fett's Vette [The Good,the Baddd and the Ugly] (Online, 2004) ???
10. Emote: the Carpet Behind: Two (onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineteneleventwelve, 2001) unsigned
11. James Newton Howard: Main Titles (Michael Clayton OST, 2007) Var?se Sarabande
12. James Newton Howard & Hans Zimmer: Vespertilio (Batman Begins OST, 2005) Warner Brothers
13. Michael Giacchino: Main Theme (Ratatouille OST, 2007) Disney
14. Michael Giacchino: Win One for the Reaper (Lost OST, 2006) Var?se Sarabande
15. Michael Giacchino: End Titles (Lost OST, 2006) Var?se Sarabande
16. PJ Harvey: Grow Grow Grow (White Chalk, 2007) Island
17. Magik Markers: Empty Bottles (Boss, 2007) Ecstatic Peace!
18. Noonday Underground: London (Self-Assembly, 2001) Bar/None
19. Uton & Valerio Cosi: Kiertoilmakristalli (Kaarmeenkaantopiiri, 2007) Fire Museum
20. The Bad Plus: Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Prog, 2007) Do The Math