Radio Free GAK Episode February 4, 2008

radio free gak #4 - Aw, this party was about to go all Airwolf (2008 Feb 04)

7:32am - 9:01am

Featuring The Wicker Man, Tenebre and a look at Oscar nominees Marco Beltrami and Alberto Iglasias More info at but here's the playlist:

1. Magnet: Appointment with the Wicker Man (The Wicker Man OST, 2002) Silva Screen
2. Videohippos: Rider (Unbeast the Leash, 2007) Monitor
3. Late of the Pier: Bathroom Gurgle (Bathroom Gurgle 7", 2007) Moshi Moshi
4. Cut Copy: So Haunted (In Ghost Colours, 2008) Modular
5. M.I.A.: Paper Planes [DFA mix] (Paper Planes single, 2008) XL
6. Chromeo: Needy Girl [Teenage Bad Girl mix] (Needy Girl 12", 2008) Back Yard
7. Femme Generation: The Future Called, They Want Their Sound Back (The Future Called, They Want Their Sound Back EP, 2007) Permafrost
8. Goblin: Tenebre (Tenebre OST, 2004) Armadillo [originally Cinevox 1982]
9. Justice: Phantom Pt. I (?, 2007) Ed Banger
10. Vampire Weekend: A-Punk (Vampire Weekend, 2008) XL
11. The Bird & The Bee: Again & Again (The Bird & The Bee, 2007) Blue Note
12. JPNDRDS: Couture Suicide (All Lies EP, 2007) unsigned
13. Japancakes: Theme from a Film (Belmondo, 2002) Darla
14. Marco Beltrami: Ben takes the Stage/Dan's Burden (3:10 to Yuma OST, 2007) Lions Gate
15. Marco Beltrami: Meet Hellboy (Hellboy OST, 2002) Varese Sarabande
16. Alberto Iglesias: Opening Titles (The Kite Runner OST, 2007) Deutsche Grammophon
17. Alberto Iglesias: The Call, Kabul 1978 (The Kite Runner OST, 2007) Deutsche Grammophon
18. Burial: Ghost Hardware (Untrue, 2007) Hyperdub