Question Everything Episode October 3, 2016

Learning From Photographer Nick Onken

6:03pm - 6:30pm

Nick Onken is a photographer, designer, and the host of Nion Radio, where he interviews and shares insights from creative entrepreneurs. Nick has shot for magazines including Vogue, Seventeen, and Cosmopolitan, and has worked with companies including Nike and Reebok.

In this episode of Question Everything, Nick talks about how his design education eventually led him to a career in photography, and reflects on some of the challenges he faced when starting his freelance career. He talks about the importance of patience and practice when developing your craft, and shares tips for staying motivated when doubting your work. Nick also shares some the lesson?s he?s learned from traveling and working with non-profit organizations around the world, and discusses how being resourceful and creative will allow you to live a fulfilling life.