Question Everything Episode August 19, 2016

Learning From Director Lina Plioplyte

7:00pm - 7:28pm

What does it take to unlock your creative potential?

Lina Plioplyte is an incredibly creative cinematographer and the director of the Advanced Style Documentary, which is part of the best-selling series by Ari Seth Cohen which celebrates the life and style of older men and women. Lina has also worked on girls education projects with Maybelline and Glamour, and has an impressive list of clients ranging from Aritizia to Calvin Klein and Dior.

In this interview, we discuss how Lina came to the US from Lithuina to pursue her passion for journalism and how she got her start as an intern at Nylon Magazine and MTV. She shares some of the lessons she learned about aging and creativity through directing the Advanced Style film, and talks about the importance of seizing opportunities when your young and learning to let go and switch career paths when things don?t feel right.