Question Everything Episode July 8, 2016

Learning From WordPress Founding Developer Matt Mullenweg

7:02pm - 7:32pm

What does it take to succeed as a young entrepreneur?

Matt Mullenweg was only nineteen years old when he began working on the open source web software WordPress, which currently powers between 23?26% of the web. Matt is also the founder and CEO of Automattic, which is the company behind WordPress and a number of other open source projects that employs hundreds of people around the world.

In this episode of Question Everything, we talk about the lessons that Matt learned in Boy Scouts and as a musician, and how they prepared him for the challenges he?s faced throughout his career. We also discuss the importance of curiosity, failure, and how he made the difficult decision to drop out of college. Finally, we have the opportunity to ask Matt what he looks for in prospective employees and talk about what it takes to stand out and succeed in the hiring process.