Question Everything Episode June 29, 2016

Learning From New York Times Best-Selling Author Chris Guillebeau

6:06pm - 6:28pm

How do you live a remarkable life?

As a New York Times Bestselling author and the first person under the age of 35 to travel to every country in the world, Chris Guillebeau is the very definition of remarkable. Chris is the author of four books, including his latest book Born For This, which focuses on helping people find the work that they were meant to do. Chris also hosts an event in Portland each year called the World Domination Summit which brings people together to explore the question, ?How do you life a remarkable life in a conventional world??

In today?s episode, we learn how Chris began his eleven year quest to visit every country in the world and talk about what it takes to accomplish large goals that seem unattainable. We discuss how important it is to establish connections and community through your work, and how you can live a remarkable life by listening to the voice of fear and stepping into it.