Queer FM Episode September 29, 2015

Sept 29th 2015

8:07am - 10:28am

-Discorder Sept 30 PSA 8:10AM
-Putin condemns homophobia, supports LGBT rights
-Gay Syrian refugee to Canada sponsors lesbian Syrian refugee
-Openly gay man gives first Bible reading at Pope Francis? New York City mass
-Pope Francis backs Kim Davis, says officials should be able to refuse gay marriage licenses
-Stonewall world premiere sparks angry protest at TIFF
-Dada Plan Oct 22 -9:15am
-Breast Cancer Team Shan Symptoms - 9:15am
-Inside the first Miss Transgender UK beauty pageant
The first Miss Transgender UK has divided the trans community
-Obama rips Republican candidates who oppose gay marriage
President singles out Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee
-Microsoft to change Windows 10 after warnings it could ?out? gay teens
-This Mom Surprised Her Trans Teenager With Her First Dose Of Hormones
-Teen Accidentally Comes Out To Ranting Grandma In The Best Way
-Project space fair oct 18 -10:10am
-VIFF 2015 Oct 9 - 10:10am

Track Listing:

Come Home
David Morin · Come Home
Mackenzie Thoms · Conviction
Shura · Touch
Are You the One
Kaylee Johnston · Are You the One
can't Feel My Face
Walk Off The Earth · Can't Feel My Face
Delirious Love
REID · Delirious Love
IIndhoim · Move
Love Myself
Hailee Steinfeld · Love Myself
Thank You
AWOL · Thank You
Funky, Fly, & Free
God Made Me Funky · Everybody Get Up
Sugar Rush
Claire Mortifee · Sugar Rush
Second Wind
Fake Tears · Second Wind
Too Many Feelings
Missy D · Too Many Feelings
Wait Forever
Misha · Wait Forever
City Life
Janette King · City Life
Touch U (Official Music Video)
Steven Joseph · Touch U (Official Music Video)
Sounding the Animal
Megan Lane · Soul Becomes a Ghost
Mother Tareka · Slaveshift
Kimmortal · Ancestral Clock (Boom Bap)
Love Royale
Sophia Danai · Boom Boom