Powerchord Episode November 15, 2014

Broadcast on [15-November-2014]

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Serena is joined by Cam Pipes as he takes over Powerchord with songs, favourite bands and stories.
Powerchord is taken over by Cam Pipes (3 Inches of Blood).Cam plays some of his all time favourites and some quality Canadian bands.
Cam Pipes plays some of his favourite bands.

Rush - La Villa Strangiato-Hemispheres
3 Inches Of Blood - Leather Lord-Long live heavy metal
Voivod - Fuck Off and Die-Rrroooaaarrr
Tyrants Blood - Slithering into Exile-Crushing Onward into oblivion
Mercyful Fate - Come to the Sabbath-Don't Break the Oath
Mastodon - The Motherload-Once More Round the Sun
Toxic Holocaust - Awaken the Serpeant-Chemistry of Consciousness
Judas Priest - Private Property-Turbo
Lee Aaron - Metal Queen-Metal Queen
Primordial - Where Greater Men Have Falleb-Where Greater Men Have Fallen
Blood Ceremony - The Great God Pan-Living With the Ancients
Midnight - Violence on Violence-Satanic Royalty
Purson - The contract-The Circle and The Blue Door
Iron Maiden - Flash of the Blade-Powerslave
Bison - One thousand needles-One Thousand Needles

Track Listing:

La Villa Strangiato
Rush · Hemispheres
Leather Lord
3 inches of blood · Long live heavy metal
Fuck Off and Die
Voivod · Rrroooaaarrr
Slithering into Exile
Tyrants Blood · Crushing Onward into oblivion
Come to the Sabbath
Mercyful Fate · Don't Break the Oath
The Motherload
Mastodon · Once More Round the Sun
Awaken the Serpeant
Toxic Holocaust · Chemistry of Consciousness
Private Property
Judas Priest · Turbo
metal queen
lee aaron · metal queen
Where Greater Men Have Falleb
Primordial · Where Greater Men Have Fallen
The great god pan
Blood Ceremony · Living with the ancients
Violence on Violence
Midnight · Satanic Royalty
The contract
Purson · The Circle and The Blue Door
Flash of the Blade
Iron Maiden · Powerslave
One thousand needles
Bison · One Thousand Needles