Powerchord Episode October 18, 2014

Broadcast on 18-Oct-2014

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Powerchord is taken over by Serena, Coleman, Erik and Steve. Random singing of 90's songs, ear bleeding heavy metal and laughter til the cows come home. Get into it!
Topics included new metal albums, covered songs and upcoming metal shows.
Lots of black metal, new songs, Canadian artists and some covers!

Track Listing:

Samskaras · Consecrate
Cash Money
Functor · Built on Lies
Apewar · Templar
Tiny Grass is Dreaming
Ogroem · Placente.P
Tool time (don't call me bro)
Ogroem · Placente.P
Piece of Shit
Life Against Death · Life Against Death
The Cavern
Inter Arma · The Cavern
Mill of Discord
Pestilential Shadows · Ephemeral
Fallen Ones
Ye Goat Herd Gods · Becoming Flesh
Mortals · Cursed to See the Future
Solstafir · Otta
Reverence Through Darkness
Swallowed · Lunarterial
Etrangleurs de Soleils
Sombres Forets · La Mort Du Soleil
Tombs · Unknown
Mayhem · Esoteric Warfare
Watain · The Wild Hunt
Judas Priest · Painkiller
Mass & Volume
Pig Destroyer · Red Tar