Powerchord Episode November 30, 2013

Broadcast on 30-Nov-2013

1:00pm - 3:00pm

The All Canadian Show with Coleman. Highlighting some of the best from the true north as well as upcoming local shows

Darkthrone, Anvil, Voivod, Blasphemy, Infernal Majesty, Devin Townsend, KEN Mode, Gorguts, Chapel, Baptists, Depressing, Anciients, Weirding, Black Wizard, Bloated Pig, Woods of Ypres, Fuck the Facts, 3 Inches of Blood, Weapon, Tobeatic, Erosion, Bison BC

Track Listing:

Canadian Metal
Darkthrone · FOAD
Anvil · Metal on Metal
Darkness Prevails
Blasphemy · Fallen Angel of Doom
Infernal Majesty · None Shall Defy
Devin Townsend · Terria
Your Heartwarming Story Makes Me Sick
KEN Mode · Entrench
Le Toit Du Monde
Gorguts · Colored Sand
Blood Will Be Spilled
Chapel · Satan's Rock and Roll
Baptists · Bushcraft
Barrier Youth
Depressing · Life Just gets Worse
Faith and Oath
Anciients · Heart of Oak
His Throne
Weirding · Each Birth a New Disaster
Black Wizard · Young Wisdom
Age of Slavery
Bloated Pig · Ways to an Early Grave
Iron Grudge
Woods of Ypres · Deepest Roots Darkest Blues
Fuck the facts · Die Miserable
Goatrider's Horde
3 Inches of Blood · Fire up the Blades
Embers and Revelations
Weapon · Embers and Revelations
Two Feral Boys With No Name
Tobeatic · All to Hell
Civilization Eclipse
Erosion · Kill Us All
These Are My Dress Clothes
Bison BC · Quiet Earth