Powerchord Episode May 28, 2011

Broadcast on 28-May-2011

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Teh code
The Rods · Vengence
Dehuminaizer remaster
Black Sabbath · After All Live
Straight through the heart
Dio · Live at Dawnington
Child In Time
Deep Purple · Deep Purple In Rock
Bloode for Bloode
Storm Warrior · Heathen Warrior
Thorns in my flesh
Arch Enemy · Chaos Legence
Mechanics of Annihilation
Hatriot · Demo 2011
Otep · Atavist
Five Years of Fire
Cradle to Grave · Cradle to Grave
Carve your name
City of Fire · City of Fire
On Fire
Anvil · Juggernaut of Justice
Toe Jam
Anvil · Pound for Pound
Convicted in life
Sepultura · Dante XXI
Evil Within
Bonded by Blod · Feed the Beast
Splintered Visions
Into Eternity · Buried into Oblivion