Powerchord Episode November 22, 2008

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

No Remorse
Cannibal Corpse · Worm Infested
Worm Infested
Cannibal Corpse · Worm Infested
Shattered Existence
Napalm Death · Smear Campain
I Eat Dead People
Putrid Inbred · Scavenger
Smell the Burning Churches
Nunslaughter · Hex
Defile Autopsy Remnants
Pathology · Incisions of Perverse Debauchery
Ornaments of Derision
Aborted · Goremadedeon
Blackened by the Vision of God
Murder Squad · split w/Blood Sucking Freaks
Spiritually Devasted
Murder Squad · split
Murder Squad · split
Bad World
Murder Squad · split
Face of Immoral Conduct
Cankered Corpse · Pleasure of Mania
Anal Cunt · Everyone Should Be Killed
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Blood · Impulse to Destroy
Parasites of Catastrophe
Dying Fetus · War of Attrition
7000 Dying Rats · Season in Hell
Death Hammer of the Bearded On
7000 Dying Tats · Season in Hell
Internal Rot
Phobia · Fiesta Comes Alive
Excrutiating Terror · Fiesta
Picked a Fight
Evolved to Obliteration · Fiesta
Suspended in Tribulation
Suffocation · Pierced from Within
Prelude to Repulsion
Suffocation · The Best of
Muy Espiritual
Denak · split w/Hypoptalasias
Fatal Intrigue
Defiled · Ugliness Revealed
Purlent Mouth II
Hypoptalasias · split w/ Denak
As Winter Calls
Crawlspace · Enter the Realms of Chaos
Passion Kill
Immolation · Shadows in the Night
Job for a Cowboy · Doom
Be My Victim
Mortician · Re-Animated Dead Flesh
Masters of Death
Entombed · Serpant Saints