Powerchord Episode June 30, 2007

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

pride tiger · the lucky ones
roads of day to day
wishbone ash · first light
drop out
halford · metal god essentials
mirror mirror
king diamond · give me your soul please
clown parade
annihilator · metal
marty friedman · loudspeaker
ziltoid attaxx
devin townsend · ziltoid the omniscient
the goatriders horde
3 inches of blood · fire up the blades
spitting venom
hatebreed · supremacy
beating on deaths door
lamb of god · sacrament
marius engages the teutons
gluttony · collapse of the republic
in the moment · beatiful tragedy
the serpentine rising
dimmu borgir · in sorte diaboli
one thousand memories
sadist · same
king diamond · give me your soul please
chasing the high
annihilator · metal
job for a cowboy · genesis
thats why i despise you
dew scented · incinerate