Powerchord Episode February 24, 2007

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

diposible heros
arch enemy · anthems of a rebelion
far beyond metal
strapping yog lad · the new black
give wings to my triumph
hate breed · supremacy
shedding to my skin
pantera · farbeyound driven
cut throught
seplatura · roots
demrious · hell bound
eye for an eye
soul fly · soul fly
baying of the hounds
opeth · gost reverys
roseta stoned
tool · 10000 days
god send deth
slayer · god hate us all
end game
soul scar · end game
open scars
kata clysm
the human race
beyod frear · beyond fear
scavenger of human sonar
sweet virago
scissortooth · scissortooth
Lake bodom
Children of bodom · somthing wild
shadows fall · shadows fall
kittei · oracel
dial 595 escape
in flames · soundtrackto your escape
the wepon they frear
hevan shall burn · antigone
road runner united · road runner united
wolfs return
grand magus · wolfs return
feel the sting
hell razor · feel the sting