Powerchord Episode February 10, 2007

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

the final fall
dusk machine · the final fall
shedding skin
pantera · far beyond driven
from deep below
dusk machine · the final fall
scavenger of human sorrow
death · the sound of perserverance
meshuggah · catch thirtythree
a new enemy
satyricon · now diabolical
procreating satan
gorgoroth · twilight of the Idols
annihilator · double live annihilation
sepultura · roots
remember the promise
Elis · griefshire
I am in command
annihilator · double live annihilation
dial 595 escape
In flames · soundtrack to your escape
my apocalypse
Arch enemy · doomsday machine
night in poenari
lalu · oniric metal
morbid aggravation
angel grinder · ill wait till you bleed
moon struk
lalu · oniric metal
sweting bullets
megadeth · countdown to extition
the lorsd sedition
deicide · the stench or redemtion
crow ofthorns
cryptopsy · no so vile
storming to burning feilds
dragion force · inhuman rampage
theirs no I in fuck
walls of jerico · walls of jerico
eviromental frankenstein
freaks by nature · freaks by nature
russ · his shit
stabbed in the back
russ · his shit