Powerchord Episode October 28, 2006

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

black label
lamb of god · new american gospal
mastodon · leviathan
hypocrisy · virus
in command
annihilator · the best of annialator
kittie · oaricle
walkwith me in hell
lamb of god · sacrament
soulscar · one
far beyopnd metal
strapping young lad · the new lack
eyes of the insain
slayer · crist illusion
hearts now reign
unearth · the oncomming strom
sweet cyanide
callenish circle · pitch black effect
beautiful sin · beautiful sin
hey lord
helloween · better than raw
opeth · black water park
deadnight warrior
children or bodom · somthing wild
begin and end
thearter of tragedy · thearther of tragedy
welcome home sanitarium
bullet for my valentine · tribute metallica
lord blader
golers · 2nd generation
morbid aggavation
angel grinder · ill wait till you bleed
bleed the sky · paradigm in enthopy
pinball map
in flames · clayman
no mas control
roadrunner united · roadrunner united
enslaved and condemmend
old mans child · verin