Powerchord Episode October 14, 2006

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

forgotten(|(lost angels)
Lamb Of God · Sacrament
all bodies
between the buried and me · alaska
fumes from the swamp
The Defaced · Karma in black
Architects of the apocalypse
Heavenshallburn · antigone
this demon mine
Soulscar · endgame
In the groves of death
Insomnium · Above the weeping world
Impostor's kingdom
Unearth · III:In the eyes of fire
Severe emotional distress
Into Eternity · The Scattering of ashes
visions of a blind order
rotting christ · sanctus diavolus
Perfectly broken
Raised Fist · Sound of the republic
Skeleton christ
Slayer · Christ Illusion
Celestial deconstruction
1349 · Hellfire
The Black Uncharted
Keep Of Kalessin · Armada
Suffer catalyst
Aborym · Generator
satyricon · now,diabolical
Wrong Side
Strapping Young Lad · The New Black
Live to die
ThineEyesBleed · In the wake of separation
Voivod · Katorz
The sound of your smashed head
FuckThe Facts · Stigmata high five
The southern deathstyle
Moonspell · The Antidote
Katatonia · The long cold distance
Our fortress is burning
Agalloch · Ashes against the grain
Lies that bind
Daylight Dies · Dismantling devotion