Powerchord Episode December 24, 2005

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Santa Claus ya cunt
Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson · promo
Himsa · hail horror
this wil outlive us
darkest hour · undoing ruin
brutal truth · need to control
visions of a blind order
rotting christ · sanctus diavolus
fall from grace
demyse · demyse demo
the delusion
face down · the will to power
only ash remains
necrophagist · epitaph
the world's havoc
maroon · endorsed by hate
the road unwinds
black sky · ...of sins and shadow EP
in between the sheets
glass casket · we are gathered here today
soldier of fortune(deep purple cover)
opeth · damnation tour promo live
war pigs(black sabbath cover)
faith no more · the real thing
surprise, you're dead(faith no more cover
twelve tribes · instruments EP
burn in hell(twisted sister cover)
dimmu borgir · death cult armageddon 2CD
blood of heroes(megadeth cover)
mors principium est · the unborn
blackwater park
opeth · blackwater park
Ghost of Perdition
Opeth · Ghost Reveries
bite the bullet
knut · challenger
the bounty hunter
susperia · vindication
gracefulness is lost
blood of me · EP
voivod · nanoman EP
the devin townsend band · accelerated evolution