Powerchord Episode November 19, 2005

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

not fragile
bto · gold
summertime blues
rush · r30
lik a nightmarei
mototrhead · overkill
stay hungry
twisted sister · live at wacken
motorhead · bomber
we are the road crew
motorhead · ace of spades
don't need religion live
motorhead · iron fist
limb from lim,b live
motorhead · bbc live7 in sessi9on
mercyful fate · melissa
athiest · unqeustionable presence
fate's door
nemesis · psychogeist
journal of a nightm,are
non human level · same
if you want peace prepare for war
chil;dren of bodom · are you dead yet
bleeding me black
hell within · sopund explosio
slave to the system · same
we are one
buhjcketheadhead · masters horror
murder by means of existence
burning skies · sound explosion
persnal hell
non human level · same
i and i
soulfly · dark ages
raging waters
testamenmt · live in london
four wheel drive
bto · gold