Powerchord Episode August 13, 2005

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

are you dead yet?
children of bodom · sampler 05
carved inside
soulfly · dark ages
into the wasteland
god forbid · iv constitution of treason
udo · 24/7
finntroll · trollhammaren
mask of the red death
samael · ceremony of opposites
none shall be spared
naglfar · pariah
sins for the gods
saeko · above heaven below heaven
may today become the day
sentenced · the funeral album
the grand conjuration
opeth · ghost reveries
5 deep on charlie
the tony danza tapdance extravaganza · tapdance experience
the corpse garden
prostitute disfigurement · left in grisly fashion
she's strychnine
ion dissonance · abacus compilation
the road unwinds
black sky · of sins and shadow ep
on the shores of ithaka
quo vadis · day into night
cathedral · garden of unearthly delight
fireball ministry · demo2005
lyzanxia · mindcrimes
state control
noise forest · zero existence
let the knife do the talking
hypocrisy · virus
birth of venus illegitima
therion · vovin