Powerchord Episode May 7, 2005

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

against the freaks
machine men · scars and wounds
holy hell
rob rock · holy hell
i will killyou/you will die
slough feg · atavism
empire rising
antiquus · ramayana
crimson king
demons and wizards · touched by the crimson king
bruce dickinson · tyranny of souls
empires of the world
biomechanical · empires of the world
throwing your life away
spiritual beggars · demons
yesterday man
lalu · onric metal
winds of atlantis
icarus witch · roses on white lace
winter solstice · fall of rome
the edge
morgana lefay · grand materia
Embraced by Desolation
Into Eternity · Buried in Obliveon
strapping young lad · alien
soft white throat
cradle of filth · nymphetamine
thread the needle
explosive rage disorder · knuckletracks
ever know peace again
augury · concealed
primal fear · black sun
coma nation
eidolon · coma nation
mars and volcanoes
candlemass · candlemass
open season
circle II circle · the middle of nowhere
good morning (live)
blackfoot · highway song