Powerchord Episode October 2, 2004

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Now You've Got Something to Die or
Lamb of God · Ashes of the Wake
Unearth · the oncoming storm
paving the way to hell one stone at a time
remembering nveer · suffocates my words to you
one with the underdogs
terror · one with the underdogs
shake a leg (ac/dc)
six feet under · graveyard classics 2
youth gone wild (skid row)
norther · ???
helter skelter (beatles)
dimension zero · silent night fever (japan)
riot of violence (kreator)
napalm death · leaders not followers: part 2
highway robbery
dillinger escape plan · miss machine
drop out
converge · you fail me
walk the path
zingaya · demo '04
carpe diem
martyr · warp zone
as i am (live)
dream theater · live at budokan
Threshold · subsurface
witchfinder general
saxon · lionheart
metal on metal (live)
anvil · wacken '98 (back to basics bonus dvd)
surgery of impalement
suffocation · souls to deny
no compromise
the haunted · revolver
christ disruptor
subversion · foul
on the rocks
punchdrunk · more than metal
corpus apocalypse
crisis · like sheep led to slaughter
skinfather (live)
dismember · live blasphemies dvd
soul evisceration
bloodbath · nightmares made flesh
laid to waste
sinned · envy
sinned · envy
the stone has spoken...
magister dixit · infernal martyrism