Powerchord Episode September 11, 2004

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

lucky to be alive
chastain · in an outrage
jag panzer · chasing the stone
what four
jorden rudess · rhythm of time
deep purple · bananas
no comprimise
the Haunted · rEVOLVEr
eyes of deprivation
fallen victim · demo 2004
pisses me off
chris cafferty · faces
ashes of the wake
lamb of god · ashes of the wake
bloodshoteye · knuckletracks lxxxii
as sea devoured land
augory · concealed
blood and thunder
mastadon · leviathon
deadly sinners
3 inches of blood · advance and vanquish
quo vadis · day into night
all against all
the haunted · r evolver
the crowned · unholy
winged with fire
incompasity · knuckletracks lxxxiii
strength of misery
carnal forge · knuckletracks lxxxiii
metal asylum
seven witches · year of the witch
dio · master of the moon
who will decide
the haunted · revolver