Powerchord Episode August 28, 2004

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

trashed, lost & strung out
Children of bodom · trashed, lost & strung out
chris cafferty · faces
hanker · web of faith
Blood of the Scribe
lamb of god · ashes of the wake
raping the earth
Extreme noise terror · retro-bution
welcome to new jersey
x-cops · you have the right to remain silent...
pound for pound
pro-pain · foul taste of freedom
the application
d.r.i. · definition
fires below
seven witches · year of the witch
point of uncertainty
into eternity · buried in oblivion
i against i
Bad brains · i against i
nuclear assault · survive
spandex enormity
m.o.d. · u.s.a. for m.o.d.
bombs of death
hirax · blasted in bangkok
hell on earth
hirax · the new age of terror
see what i've become
Lamb of god · ashes of the wake
deadly sinners
3 inches of blood · advance and vanquish
inspiration on demand
shadows fall · the war within
back in the day
megadeth · the system has failed
Strapping young lad · heavy as a really heavy thing
zimmers hole · legion of flames
fuck my shit stinks
dayglo abortions · here today guano tomorrow
suck your bone
voivod · war and pain
fatal if swallowed
Overkill · taking over