Powerchord Episode July 31, 2004

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

kill with power
arch enemy · dead eyes see no future
sex violence
biohazard · resist
world peace
deceased · rotten to the core
hate, fear, power
napalm death · leaders not followers 2
destruction · metal discharge
drug me
sepultura · virus 100
hammerfall · glory to the brave
die with your boots on
sonata arctica · orientation
die young
primal fear · devil's ground
i stole your heart
helloween · master of the rings
live wire (live)
annihilator · bag of tricks
nobody's fault
testament · the new order
under the blade
overkill · twisted forever
never satisfied
armored saint · nod to the old school
in the meantime
soulfly · prophecy
fear factory · archetype
pro-pain · run for cover
soilwork · the early chapters
rock you like a hurricane
s.o.d. · a tribute to the scorpions
fighting for the earth
wwiii · when god turned away
hell bent for metal (live)
venom · bitten
rebel yell
sinner · germany rocks - the best of...
missippi queen
w.a.s.p. · the last command
witching hour (live)
voivod · morgoth invasion
pull the plug
callenish circle · flesh_power_dominion
black magic
hypocrisy · inferior devoties
lunatic of god's creation
decapitated · the negation
you give love a bad name
atreyu · ???
goin' back to cali
sevendust · ???