Pop Drones Episode September 28, 2011

10:00am - 11:30am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

fresh and onlys · s/t
a tunnel thru the air
ceiling stares · split w super vacations
god speed
dirty beaches · split w ela orleans
nothing people · split w mondo phase band
bellyful of slugs
hank iv · s/t
kitchens floor · look forward to nothing
a wailing and gnashing of teeth
alps · alps of new south wails
never again
royal headache · s/t
buried alive
wavepool abortion · s/t
fruit snacks
nude sunrise · s/t
the plums · the white
cellophane spill · s/t
this plain city
lorelle meets the obsolete · on welfare
plans for the sun
cankun · ethiopian dreams
vanity plate
co la · daydream repeaters (avant masters)
Pop Dr(((O)))nes
john micah rapp · catharsis
container · s/t
Temporal shift reaction
Temporal Marauder · Temporal Marauder Makes You feel
deducted from your share
beemask · elegy for beach friday