Parts Unknown Episode March 12, 2007

12:18pm - 12:18pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

dee dee ramone · 1234
too much tequila
junior and the silhouettes · mama drink to much tequila
..........blinking nintendo
ba johnston · my heart is a
japanese pen pal
jacob berendes · new one
mv and ee with the bummer road · st
lovlier girl
beach house · s/t
1 and 2
new creation · s/t
soft lights · say no
peter koss · SPOOX
exploding hearts · oldoldold
stone goddess
fugs · family album
hairy wine
country teasers · destroy all humans
french made simple
daddy's hands · AAAAARGH!!! comp
mars bars
the milkduds · undertones tribute comp.
in the morning
an albatross note · s't
neon bible
arcade fire · neon bible
mournin light
pop levi · new one
calla · strength in numbers
mars bars
milkduds · undertones tribute
thunder road
the blanket · be your own boss
independant woman
to bad catholics · myspace
red fox
choir practice · myspace