Parts Unknown Episode July 26, 2004

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

better luck
dressy bessy · st
i'm dying
the blue funz · st
no pun intended
hives · tyrannesaurous
the bee and the cracking egg
comets on fire · blue cathedral
stooges · funhouse
vincent van gogh
johnathan richman · new one
breaths and lenghts
residents · meet the residents
gut feeling
devo · best of
Leaf House
Animal Collective · Sung Tongs
idiot boxsen
danielson famile · 3
pearsls before swine · yow yip wonder cd
a distorted reality
elliot smith · 7 in
2000 places
polyphonic spree · together were heavy
peaches · teaches of
the letter
pj horvey · uh huh her
some one sometimes
outragous cherry · supernatural equinox
save me claude
tracey and the plastics · culture for pigeon
nourishment nation · from rouge wave
wrapped up in books
belle and sebastian · books
have a ball
cinch · shake it if you got it
still in love
stills · ep
can you do that dance
pink mountain tops · st
modern painters
destroyer · merge !!!!!!
polvo · merge !!!!
capozzi park · record of