Parts Unknown Episode July 12, 2004

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

he gives speeches
brian wilson · yow yip
chris matthews
fiery furnaces · blueberry boat
summertime in winter time
badly drawn boy · 1 plus 1 is 1
the surrealist waltz
pearls before swine · yow yip cd
me and my army
feminists · anything you can do
jailbreak southern comfort
gossip · thats not what i heard
bratmobile · pottymouth
finished again
cows · sorry in pig minor
crank heart
xiu xiu · fabulous muscles
bring my father a gift
royal city · little heart's ease
the world at large
modest mouse · good news
sweet 69
pink mountaintops · st
round the bend
velvet underground · loaded
we tigers
animal collective · sung tongs
cd 3
spoon · merge 15
neutral milk · merge 15
spent · merge 15
fall · new lp
here comes the fleas
white noise · yow yip cd
hamburger lady
throbbing gristle · yow yip cd