Notes From The Underground Episode October 9, 2010

7:00pm - 9:00pm

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Track Listing:

Sad Picture
Acid · Year One LP (Dubxtent)
Doug Wilson (Thesis Remix)
Kwality · Anechoic Chamber Remixed
I Just Want You
Psychonaut · n/a
Sines · n/a
Shaking Shakers
Kaskaad · Year One LP (Dubxtent)
Jus Wan · Miles Away (
Pheonix Rising
Actraiser · Pheonix Rising EP (Betamorph Recordings)
Open Up
Breakage · Foundation
Deep in the Woods
DJ Barracuda · Year One LP (Dubxtent)
Def Surrounds Us
DJ Shadow · "Def Surrounds Us" b/w "I've Been Trying" / "Def Surrounds Us (Neil Landstrumm R
What does your soul look like?
DJ Shadow · Entroducing
One more robot/Sympathy 3000-21
The Flaming Lips · Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
Radiohead · OK Computer
The time has come
DJ Shadow & Portishead · The time has come EP
Boards of Canada · Music Has the Right to Children
Asian Dub Foundation · Facts and Fictions
Lonely Soul
UNKLE feat. Richard Ashcroft · Psyence Fiction
On the Flipside
Looper · The Geometrid
Columbo's Car
Looper · Up a Tree
Perfect Bird
Hexstatic · Master-View
Massive attack · Blue Lines
space walk
lemon jelly · lost horizons
Sexy Boy
Air · Moon Safari
Unfinished Sympathy
Massive Attack · Blue Lines
Aphex Twin · Windowlicker
That Night
Jazzanova feat. Vikter Duplaix · That Night / Days To Come
To Rococo Rot · Cars
Electronic Renaissance
Belle and Sebastian · Tigermilk
Intersperse · Intersperse / Pariah - True / Secret Doors
Piano Tune
Peshay · Piano Tune / Vocal Tune