Nod on the List Episode February 17, 2014

Broadcast on 17-Feb-2014

3:00pm - 4:00pm

west coast bass/ scour 100 picks

dj wood - high styles-(Ghetto?funk presents dj wood
dj soo & Tim Livingstone - boom!-tremendo's dirty funk vol.1
Gang Starr - now you're mine (bobby c sound tv remix)-mp3 release
Joe Revell - hand me downs in the basement - RJD2 vs pete rock & CL Smooth (redline refix)-scour 100
Ewan Hoozami - skin too deep-robot soul
titan sound - made you sleng teng-scour 100
Lauren Hill - Lost ones Dj Inko remix-scour 100
Stickybuds - up in the game-ghettofunk presents stickybuds
Rakim - Heat it up (bruce missile re-rub)-Scour 100
Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke (Jpod remix)-Icons Vol.3
Sohn - artifice-mp3 release
Jpod & Shamik - vibes alive-mp3 release
BadBoe - hit it mae-pump up the funk
JPOD - we gonna party-mp3 release
moka only - sign out-mutant
Krafty Kuts - feel like jumping (ed solo remix)-feel like jumping

Track Listing:

high styles
dj wood · (Ghetto­funk presents dj wood
dj soo & Tim Livingstone · tremendo's dirty funk vol.1
now you're mine (bobby c sound tv remix)
Gang Starr · mp3 release
hand me downs in the basement - RJD2 vs pete rock & CL Smooth (redline refi
Joe Revell · scour 100
skin too deep
Ewan Hoozami · robot soul
made you sleng teng
titan sound · scour 100
Lost ones Dj Inko remix
Lauren Hill · scour 100
up in the game
Stickybuds · ghettofunk presents stickybuds
Heat it up (bruce missile re-rub)
Rakim · Scour 100
Sir Duke (Jpod remix)
Stevie Wonder · Icons Vol.3
Sohn · mp3 release
vibes alive
Jpod & Shamik · mp3 release
hit it mae
BadBoe · pump up the funk
we gonna party
JPOD · mp3 release
sign out
moka only · mutant
feel like jumping (ed solo remix)
Krafty Kuts · feel like jumping