Nod on the List Episode January 20, 2014

Broadcast on 20-Jan-2014

12:00am - 1:00am

Jan 2014

Mr. Bill & Stickybuds - ?Hard but Fair?-mp3 release
Beat Fatigue - layer cake-a lil different EP
Khurt - we want-we want
Steve Bone & Marlon Hoffstadt - girl-girl
Shiba San - Westside Connection-me and my dogs EP
Amine Edge & Dance - ?Going to heaven with the goodie goodies?-(goodie goodie EP)
Wood'N'Soo - ?In the Rain?-mp3 release
The Librarian - ?Booksy Riddim?-booksy riddim
Toots & The Maytals - ?Hard to handle (stickybuds remix)?-mp3 release
Ed Sheeran - ?I See Fire (Bryx remix)?-mp3 release
Cee-Roo - Frank Sinatra-mp3 release

Track Listing:

layer cake
Beat Fatigue · a lil different EP
we want
Khurt · we want
Steve Bone & Marlon Hoffstad · girl
Westside Connection
Shiba San · me and my dogs EP
Frank Sinatra
Cee-Roo · mp3 release