Mantra Episode July 18, 2013

Mantra - CiTR 101.9fm - July 18th 2013

4:00pm - 5:00pm

An eclectic mix of beats, layers, and chants. Music from Adham Shaikh, Peia, Steve Roach, Don Agustin-Rivas-Vasquez, Mercan Dede, 3ho, and Wah!

Track Listing:

Sonicturtle's Coupe Decale
Adham Shaikh · Universal Frequencies
Gayatri Mantra Shuffle
Adham Shaikh · Fusion
Shree Krishna
Peia · Dance of Devotion
Mother Ayahuasca
Steve Roach · Kiva
Peruvian Ayahuasca
Don Agustin-Rivas-Vasquez · Shaman, Jhankri & Nele
Ab-i Beste
Mercan Dede · Su
Mool Mantra
3ho · One in the Spirit
Ram Ram
Wah! · Savasana 2