Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode September 17, 2015

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Ani Kyd

Track Listing:

Better When You Are Gone
Apollo Ghosts · Landmark
Love Fantasy, My Beautiful Girl
Gal Gracen · Blue Hearts in Exile
Screen Fatigue
Other Jesus · Everything is Problematic
Give Me Therapy
Crossed Wires · Crossed Wires EP
Mind Control
The Dark Dials · Three Songs
To Bite Again
Still Creek Murder · Dandelo
House Song
Aunts and Uncles · old and new
The Wind
Dead Soft · The Wind
Throw It All Away
I Felt I Never Had You
Die You Die · Did Your Die
Fiendish Thingy
Spring Breaks · Wimp
I Wish That
TeeTahs · I Wish That I
A Show of Teeth
Lesser Negatives · Demo