Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode January 22, 2015

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Pale Red Rerun

Track Listing:

Twin Crystals · Twin Crystals
Lie · Consent
Stoned Stripper
Heavy Chain · Heavy Chain
Funk Schwey · Sh'qweyla
Be Witty
Purple Hearts Social Club · Shindig Demo
The Deer Council
Tarantula Head · Tarantula Head
Salmon Arm · Modern Farming Techniques
Have Your Forgotten My Beauty
Ok Vancouver OK · Influences
Design of Success
Freak Heat Waves · Bonnie's State of Mind
Detacher et Deguiser
Koban · VIDE
Jimmy and Janice
Gun Control · Gun Control
Sounds of Decay
Candela Farm · DADF#AD
Failing · The Apple In the Pig's Mouht
Pale Red
Pale Red · Pale Red Set