Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode December 4, 2014

Broadcast on 04-Dec-2014 - With Co-host Alie from Supermoon

9:00pm - 11:00pm

With co-host Alie Lynch from Supermoon
Alie Lynch
Tarantula Head - The Deer Council (The Deer Council)
Ok Vancouver OK - Non-Humanistic Approach (Influences)
Chris-a-riffic - I Can't Carry That (Bible Beats)
renny wilson - clean (punk explosion)
Cult Babies - good death (cult babies ep)
mattress - beautiful moment (fuck the future)
Energy Slime - Bustin' Up (New Dimensional)
The Zombies - She's Not Here Tell Her No (Begin Here)
Ace Martens - Know You (Silent Days)
Funk Schway - Summertime (Sh'qweyla)
Supermoon - Burnout of my dreams (Burnout of my dreams)
Talking Heads - Love->Building on Fire (77)
Family Video - Maybe This Summer (Maybe This Summer)
The Units - High Pressure Days (The Units)
Haiku Charlie - Ghost Buildings (Ghost Buildings)
The Cars - Just What I Needed (Drive)
duran duran - hungry like the wolf (rio)
Role Mach - Hobgoblin Blues (Holy Shades of Night)

Track Listing:

The Deer Council
Tarantula Head · The Deer Council
Non-Humanistic Approach
Ok Vancouver OK · Influences
I Can't Carry That
Chris-a-riffic · Bible Beats
renny wilson · punk explosion
good death
Cult Babies · cult babies ep
beautiful moment
mattress · fuck the future
Bustin' Up
Energy Slime · New Dimensional
She's Not Here Tell Her No
The Zombies · Begin Here
Know You
Ace Martens · Silent Days
Funk Schway · Sh'qweyla
Burnout of my dreams
Supermoon · Burnout of my dreams
Love->Building on Fire
Talking Heads · 77
Maybe This Summer
Family Video · Maybe This Summer
High Pressure Days
The Units · The Units
Ghost Buildings
Haiku Charlie · Ghost Buildings
Just What I Needed
The Cars · Drive
hungry like the wolf
duran duran · rio
Hobgoblin Blues
Role Mach · Holy Shades of Night