Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode January 9, 2014

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Phonecalls live (prerecorded)

Track Listing:

Oh no
Haiku Charlie · Sweety
Sean Travis Ramsey · Stand-Up Comedy
A Picture of a Sound
Collapsing Opposites · Revolution Is Now
Shoots so Straight
Katie and the Lichen · Yours Truly
The Colour of Water
My Friend Wallis · Split 7"
All Confused
Cult Babies · Cult Babies EP
The Bonaduces · Upcoming album
Bad Vacation
Philoceraptor · Stop Ruining Fun
The Ballantynes · Liquor Store Store Pawn Shop
shoestring divider
their majesties · lands where tales are tall
Chairs · The Droning of an Insect Wing
Someone's Last Day
Hymm · HMMM
Fire in those Mountains
Aunts & Uncles · Aunts & Uncles
It's Always On Her Mind
The Pinecones · Ooh!
Break Up
Pups · Pups
Goosing Statues
Each Other · Taking Trips
Monomyth · King, Does This Not Please You?
Lunch Times
Bitch Moves · Lunch Times
End Models
Mormon Crosses · Ash & Temple