Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode February 7, 2013

9:01pm - 9:01pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Weed · Gun Control
Woolworm · Believe In Ourselves
Sun Is Light
Dead Soft · Sun Is Light // Something For Nothing Pt. II
clever girl
Philoceraptor · Philoceraptor
Gal Gracen
woman in the dunes
aaron read · bubble skulls
How I Came
Watermelon · Split w/ My Friend Wallis
OK Vancouver Ok · Escape the Common People
It Follow Us Home
I Make Earthquakes · The Rattle (Live)
Bike Song
Haiku Charlie · Sweety
What's Wrong Tohei? · Sick Days
Shut Up
Defektors · Tour Cassette
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Isotopes · Blood Diamond EP
Drop It
Needles // Pins · 12:34
Real Boys · EP
Love Cuts · +2 -1
Love Is Bursting Through the Walls
Shawn Mrazek Lives · Thought He Was Dead
Sugar Rush
Juvenille Hall · Magazine Collage
Stiletto Spider
Bitch Moves · Bitch Moves