Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode January 24, 2013

9:00pm - 11:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

The Courtenays · Pop Alliance Vol 3
Gal Gracen · Pop Alliance Vol 3
Weed · Pop Alliance Vol 3
Get Fucked
Movieland · Pop Alliance Vol 3
The Weather Girl
To Bad Catholics · Mallory Town
No Guitars Ever
String Theory · A BASSic Introduction to String Theory
Church That Shit
Mattress · I Ate Yr Legs comp
Carries Like A Disease
Glass Armonica · S/T EP
Shearing Pinx · Ultrasnake
Laundry Spirit
Space Brothers
New Vaders
Why You Wanna
Energy Slime
Mounties and Indians, 1989
Masterchef · Mae Mae
Invisible Hands
Shawn Mrazek Lives · Thought He Was Dead
Be Cool
Babysitter · Pop Alliance Vol 3
Unlimited Sight
Aaron Read · Pop Alliance Vol 3
Socialist Choir
Korean Gut · Pop Alliance Vol 3
Caribbean Dinosaur Sex
Akazawa Magic · Tha Good Lyfe
Akazawa Magic · Tha Good Lyfe
Girls Girls Girls
Akazawa Magic · Tha Good Lyfe
Outta Control
Akazawa Magic · Tha Good Lyfe
March of Progress
Whip of the UFO
Jack Yr Brain (ruff jam)
Bobby Draino
Th Coaster
Pender Street Steppers