Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode July 19, 2012

Broadcast on 19-Jul-2012

9:04am - 10:12am

Music from coast to coast fond of tigers - CONTINENT & WESTERN (CONTINENT & WESTERN)
moonsocket - go your own way (demo)
Baby Eagle & the Proud Mothers - Rebel Crimes (Bone Soldiers)
Octoberman - Actress (Waiting for the Well)
Cuff the Duke - Diamond Sea (In Our Time)
Forest City Lovers - The Lines You Amend (Have Not Been the Same)
Twin River - Feather (Rough Gold)
Love Cuts - Lone Wolf (Love Cuts)
Hermetic - You Can't Go Home Again (Civilized City)
Bitch Moves - He takes the bus
Keep Tidy - Fuck It (We're doing it live) (BUDSBUDS)
Shearing Pinx - Suddenly Sound (Rituals)
Fortress - Otoro
Reflektionss - Fasting (Split w/N.213)
Stamina Mantis - Every Town Has a Stupid Side (The Hive Recordings)
Inherent Vices - Suicide (Suicide EP)
Jay Arner - Bad Friend (Bad Friend)