Kew It Up Episode May 13, 2015

3:08pm - 4:00pm

Alex joins the show for deep conversation

Track Listing:

Interlude I
Stefana Fratila · Interludes
Action Figures · bootleg tapes
Tyondai Braxton · HIVE1
Interlude II
Stefana Fratila · Interludes
Isolation Quarters (Juk)
Cities Aviv · Your Discretion is Trust
Facehuggers' Ascent of Sant'Apollonia
Fourth World Magazine · HR GIGER'S STUDIOLO
On Wine, Hashish and Molly
Dean Blunt · On Wine, Hashish and Molly
Interlude III
Stefana Fratila · Interludes
Nothing Under (Excerpt)
Mass Marriage · Nothing Under
Segmenting Process for Language
John Wiese · Deviation From Balance