Generation Annihilation Episode October 22, 2011

Broadcast on 22-Oct-2011

12:00pm - 1:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Death Sentence · Not A A Pretty Sight
Whats Wrong
The Imposetrs · The Time Has Cone
If It's Not Broken Break It
Rehashed · Code Black
Grimple · S/T
Slow Rot
Snakepit · S/T
Fill The Void
Vacant State · Fill The Void
What Can Be Done
Urban Blight · More Reality
Lock Up
Sick Caharde · S/T
Septic Death
Nuclear Winter
Negative Gain · Back From The Dead
God Of
Amebix · Sonic Mass
Mass Hysteria
Legion DCLX41 · The Final Days
Strike With Sudden Fear
Infect Propaganda · And Now You Die
Dead Cities
Napalm Raid · Corruption Of Their Little Minds
Human Race
Anxiety · Pathetic
Death Culture
Culo · Life Is Vile
Dr. Jekyl And Mr. Hyde
The Damned · The Black Album
The Damned · Grave Disorder
I Think I'm Wonderful
The Damned · Damned But Not Forgotten
I Need A Life
The Damned · HC Breakout
Machine Gun Etiqutte
The Damned · Machine Gun Etiqutte
Great Expectations
Tank · War Machine