Generation Annihilation Episode April 30, 2011

Broadcast on 30-Apr-2011

12:00pm - 1:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Crass · Penis Envy
Oh Bondage Up Yours
X Ray Spex · The Roxy London
Getting Nowhere Fast
Zeroes · Don't Push Me Around
Whats Really Going Oj
Eddie And The Hot Rods · Life On The Line
Action Time Vision
ATV · The Image Has Cracked
Suffocate City
No Problems · And Now This
Reprobates · Stress
Nothing Else
School Jerks · ST
Turn Me Off
Deep Sleep · Turn Me Off
Touch Of Death
Crystal Mess · Worms Of Earth
Poison City
Off! · First Four EPS
Hymnal 238
Countdown To Armageddon · Eater Of Words
Doubts And Regrets
The Estranged · Subimiminal Man
Citizen Scape Goat
Deathraid · All Life Ends
Mob Rules · The Donor
Foreign Policy
Fear · The Record
Kiss Me Kill Me
Negative Approach · Friends Of No One
Anihilated · Path To Destruction