Generation Annihilation Episode March 27, 2010

Broadcast on 27-Mar-2010

12:00pm - 1:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Nice Guys Finish Last
The Wretched Ones · Less Is More
Baby I'm A Loser
The Jolts · S/T
Lets Fight
Detention · Too Noisy
white lung · s/t
Guilty Pleasue
The Bayonettes · S/T
Rich And Bored
Forgotten Rbels · In Love With
Young Man Old Man
The Spoils · To The Victor
Drop Dead
Siege · Drop Dead
Hey You
Broken Needle · Discography
Gonet To Shit
Reprobates · Stress
Society Bull Shit
Born Bad · Moron Music
Burn Em Down
Abrasive Wheels · Punk And Disorderly
Give Us A Future
One Way System · Punk And Disorderly
Police Story
Chaos UK · The Best Of
Kick Out The Tories
Newtown Nuerotics · Punk And Disorderly
The Authorities · Puppy Love
Days Of Desperation
The Freeze · Land Of The Lost
Red White And Blue
Social Unrest · Rat In A Maze
Another Day
Shattered Faith · The Future Looks Brighter
Patriot Assholle
MDC · Mobocracy