Generation Annihilation Episode August 2, 2008

Broadcast on 02-Aug-2008

12:00pm - 1:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

(In Japanese)
Gauze · Binbou Yuauri
Lights Over London
Argy Bargy · The Likes Of Us
I Don't Wanna
Slick 46 · I Don't Wanna
One Thing Left To Say
Deadline · More To It Than Meets The Eye
One Thing Left To Say
The Business · The Truth
Hymns For Gregs
Anti-Bodies · Concrete Rockers Go Uptown
Last Orders
Cocksparrer · Here We Stand
Mean Streets · That Day
Keep It Real
Dead City Citizens · S/T
Pub Song
Harrington Saints · Split w/Slick 46
Don't Be Fooled
MSS · Split W/Instant Asshole
Suicide Pilots · The Wars On Satire
Instant Asshole · Split
Flip Out
UV Rays · Night Of The Living Dudes
Scream And Sream Again
Unseen Force · In Search Of The Thruth
Mi Tierra
La Plebe · Hasta La Murte
Religion Is Brain Wash
Mob 47 · I Thrash Therfore I Am
National Front
Product Assar · I Thrash
Mai Capri
Blue Vomit · S/T
Raw Power · Fuck Authority
Atom Bomb
Moderate Lividation · I Thrash
Burnig Bones Of War
Existence · I Thrash
Terveet Kadet · Aareton Propaganda