Generation Annihilation Episode March 1, 2008

12:00pm - 1:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

What's That Noise
SOD · Speak English
No Virgins In Hollywood
Eddie And The Subtiesl · Fuck U Eddie
Holywood Squares · Restrangles
Soorow Girls
Decry · The Best Of
Scream · Still Screaming
Moneyu Has Prority
The Smarties · Whole Bunch Of Weirdos
Just Yourself
Sudden Impact · No Rest From The Wicked
Cops Are Pricks
Nothing Special
Vicious Cycle · Neon Electric
Stepping Back
Vicious Cycle · Neon Electric
Fearsome Reality
Abject · No Flags No Borders
Shut Up Fuck You Die
Death In Custody · Infected With Rage
The Edge
Homostupids · The Edge
Intelligent Design
The Restarts · Outsider
Supermarket Forces
Sub Hum Ans · Inernal Riot
The Bomb Blast
The Varukers · The Punk Singles
Smash The WTO
Contempt · Who Needs Diplomacy
Fyfan · s/t
1000 Religioner
Svart Sno · Smock N Roll
Punk Is Dad
Murder Disco X · Complete Discography
Woth Nothing
Bombenalarm · No Mistakes
The Dead Sing This Hymn
World Burns To Death · Sucking Of The Missle Cock
Dont Blame Me
Harrington Saints · Sounds Of Street
Hell Minded
NBATSH · Psycho Too
Warcollapse · Defy