Generation Annihilation Episode February 2, 2008

12:00pm - 1:00am

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Track Listing:

They Hunt In Packs
Cruelty · They've Taken Everything
Gimmie The World
999 · Gimmie The World
Did You Have A Nice Life
Cocksparrer · Here We Stand
Cosy Family Way
Chelsea · Faster Cheaper Better Looking
you tear me up
buzzcocks · 30
Where's The Butterknife
The Evaporators · Gassy Jack
DOA · The Black Spot
A Shot Rings Out
The Fallout · Dismantlement
Bland New Age
WNH · Guilty Pleasures
Junkie Domestic On Smith Street
Marching Orders · Dead End Street
Brisbane Bitter
Mouthgaurd · House Of Stash
Emo Cunt
Eye Gouge · Demo 2007
Supplied Demise
Vicious Circle · Split W/Perdition
Mass Appeal · Nobody Likes A Thinker
Weird Life In A Strange World
Stage Bottles · I'll Live My Life
The Vendetta · Eisern Vendetta
Mad Pigs · Trust Yourself
Attentant Sonore · Social Headache
Fallsified Promises
Century Of War · s/t
Aftermath Of A Severed World
Wartorn · Prey For Aramageddon
After The Bombs · Relentless Onslaught