Generation Annihilation Episode January 26, 2008

12:00pm - 1:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Thugs In A Uniform
Oi Polloi · Outrage
I Got A Right
Sudden Impact · No Rest For The Wicked
I Got A Right
The Adolescents · Brats In Battalions
Trouble If You Hide
The Freeze · They've Actually Gotten Worse Live
Glass War
NOFX · Thet've Gotten Worse
Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact · No Rest For The Wicked
Meat Bi Product
The Spores · Schitzofungai
Feeling The Pressure
Dogfaced Models · S/T
Vicious Cycle · Im Watching You
Citizens Epedemic
Black Jacket · Citizens Ipedemic
No Compromise
Rhino 69 · S/T
Control Freak
Life Trap · NOBS 3
Punch In The Face · At War With Everybody
True To Yourself
Cocksparrer · Herte We Stand
Left For Dead · All Yeast And Cider
Rat Race
UK Subs · Brand New Age
Steam Roller
The Adicts · The Adicts Singles Collection
Buzzcocks · 30
Point Of View
Sub Hum Ans · Internal Riot
Realize No Analize
Lost Cherees · They've Taken Everything
Tricked And Abused
Instigators · Recovery Session
No Choice
Black Wind Of Fear
After The Bombs · Relentless Onslaught
Violent Arrest · S/T
Life Shouldn't Mean Life
Extinxtion Of Mankind · Northern Scum
Cold War Remains
Warcollapse · Defy!
Another Sheap Excuse
Bomenalatm · No Mistake
Kire Sisalam
Unkind · Hangen Sylin
Filthkick Fucker
Ruin · Split W/Tribe
Afflunete · Libera Fane